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An indispensable element of any successful organization is its corporate identity, which includes not only the logo, but also the printing. If you strive to achieve high performance in your business, pay special attention to this issue.

A logo is a trademark that reflects the character of a company. This element is made in the form of a small visual image with elements of common style. It distinguishes the organization from others, making its products special and recognizable.

When a company becomes highly popular, a graphic image becomes a sign of trust and reliability. People begin to recognize the symbol and associate it with a certain product line.

At the stage of its development, all the details and nuances of the activity should be taken into account. It is important that the logo is in harmony with the corporate identity.

What should be considered when developing corporate identity?

Creating a corporate identity is a multilevel process that requires hard work, attention and certain professional knowledge. Here you have to take into account all the details – colors on the website, fonts, company slogan, printing, souvenirs, and much more.

Before you begin to develop a company symbol, you should decide on its type:

  • A graphic logo. In this case, a graphic associative image of your company is created. This type of mark is the most popular
  • A text logo. The name of the company is simply and succinctly made in a certain lettering font
  • Alphanumeric. Contains the full name of the company or brand
  • Mixed. Several different types are used

The emblem is formed according to the following parameters:

  • By form. The customer initially gives the terms of reference, which specifies the desired form. Our specialists can supplement it, improve it. At the moment there are many geometric shapes to create a logo, which allows the organization to be unique, unique and exclusive
  • By color. The range of shades is usually developed, depending on the specifics of the business. Designers choose those colors, which will match each other and combine well. It is important to achieve brevity and harmony in the color scheme, but it’s not easy to do. The logo, the development of which lies on the shoulders of our experts, was not pale, but not “cutting the eye. The number of colors should not exceed 2-3 shades, compatible with each other. Attention should also be paid to the psychological designation of colors. The combination of several bright, poisonous shades can only irritate the potential buyer. It is better to combine 2 colors with white or black.

Once you have your logo, you can begin the next step to promote the business.

Companies in the terms of reference often indicate that they want to get ultramodern, trendy logo, but should take into account that over time it will still be outdated. If an organization claims a long-term existence, it is best to use a classic symbol with elements of corporate identity. It cannot be changed over time, as it will reflect the character and mission of the company.

Some designers borrow elements from other, well-known organizations. This should not be done. It is better to develop your own unique corporate identity, the development of which will take more time than usual. The symbol that stands for your company should be unique and memorable.

It is important that people who have not heard of your company before become interested in your products or services by looking at the logo. The company symbol should be simple but memorable.

The main stages of the development of the logo and corporate identity

The first stage is to prepare a brief. Creating and preparing it takes place together with the customer, as it is important for the specialists of our company to hear the wishes of the client. Designers develop a brief, show it to the customer, correct it if the client wishes.

We would be happy to see examples that you like. This will help guide us in the creation of the symbol and its style.

The second stage is more complex and long-term. The preparation and coordination of the corporate identity concept with the customer and, if necessary, the introduction of amendments.

Development of corporate identity by our experts is taking into account all the wishes of the client. We take into account not only the psychological component, but also the principles of modern marketing. We can make a company recognizable!

Why come to us?

Creation of corporate identity involves a labor-intensive process, but it is within the power of our experts. The price of logo and corporate identity development varies depending on the features of the order, the timing of production and complexity of the technical task, but always remains within reasonable limits.

In addition to the logo, you can order the production of banners for the site. Find out the details on the contact number or by using the feedback form. Managers will hold a consultation, make an appointment, negotiate the approximate cost.

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