Website redesign

There are often cases when a novice entrepreneur orders a website without the necessary knowledge. Well, if the experts are good, but it also happens that the site is created in haste, without regard to marketing principles. And just eventually want to optimize and improve your web resource. In this case, you need a website redesign.

This service includes comprehensive work to improve the appearance and functionality of the Web site. At this stage, you can change the style, color scheme, completely change the arrangement of functional elements or remove them altogether.

If you have a website, sooner or later you will need a redesign. Don’t forget that it is first and foremost a business card of your company, the level of your service and focus on the client. Studying the web resource, you can tell a lot about the company and the owner, so do not put off the redesign in a remote box if you need it. The popularity and usability of your website will depend on it.

Attractive design will interest the potential customer!

With a properly designed website design can significantly improve its position in search engines and increase conversions. Make a site redesign at a high quality level will be able to specialists of our company. They will analyze the scope of your company and take into account all your wishes.

Comprehensive website upgrades include the following:

  • conducting an analysis of the client’s field of activity, identifying and studying the main competitors, recommendations for further action
  • Implementation in the new design of modern trends in web design, based on the principles of ui/ux
  • If necessary, transfer of the resource to a more appropriate content management system

We work individually with each client, so the set of works, as a rule, is different. If we take on your order, you can be sure that every detail of your web resource will be worked out.

Why should you order a website redesign now?

Some customers are confident that they do not need this service, as 10 years ago they created their own site for a lot of money, taking into account all the nuances. The answer is that the site should be constantly engaged, so that it does not become obsolete and was of interest to the potential client, whose requirements are constantly changing.

Let’s look at the basic prerequisites for a redesign:

  • Any design, even the most fashionable, becomes obsolete over time. To keep the interest in your web service alive, work on it constantly. Update sections, information and content on pages
  • Rebranding also entails updating the appearance of the pages
  • Expanding the scope of activities, the emergence of additional target groups
  • Change of CMS (content management system). Not always accompanied by a change of design. It all depends on the level of your project
  • The emergence of new ways of development and restructuring of the site

Stages of site redesign

Website redesign – a complex multi-level process. There are the following stages of work on the site:

  • Defining the main goal/objective
  • Conducting an analysis of the state of the web resource. The quality of graphics, content and ease of navigation plays a role here
  • Development of site prototypes
  • Development of design layouts of the site
  • Preparing for web page layout

Periodic changes in the appearance of the website is a necessity, not a luxury. For the modern potential client it is extremely important to spend as little time as possible studying the resource. He is interested in the simplicity and usefulness of the content, the speed of information processing and the ease of navigation (selection of categories, filter, use of the personal account, etc.). In a highly competitive environment, the visitor still needs to be interested in the product/service, and a redesign can help with that.

The cost of website redesign services

If you are interested in site redesign, the price of this service in our company will vary in complexity and volume of work.

Website design and redesign is our main specialization. Our team consists of experienced professionals who will help you create an original and comfortable design of your website, emphasizing all its advantages.

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