Business card site development

Virtual business card of the company is a kind of presentation of the organization, containing basic information about its activities and services. Such a site requires minimal cost and provides great opportunities to promote the business. With its help, potential customers can easily find a way to contact managers and order the services provided.

The company’s business card site should contain:

  • overview of activities
  • list of provided services
  • useful information for the consumer or customer: pricing policy, portfolio, the ability to order without a phone call, etc.
  • contact information
  • Sections required in connection with the specific activity

Features of the business card site

The main task of the website is to acquaint the potential customer with a set of services, their cost and good deals. To information is easy to digest, it is required to make it concise, simple and understandable. No less important is the design of the business card site. It should attract the reader’s attention, but not “cut the eye”.

Website-card can contain from a few pages to 10, depending on the goals and wishes of the client. The owner of the business card can regularly update the site with new data, news and updates. Do not confuse business card site and the classic corporate website, because they have distinctive features.

If the corporate site provides comprehensive information about the business and the services offered, the business card is devoid of such an opportunity. It should interest and promote, but no more than that. Business card provides accessibility, and at the same time it has no heavy modules. If necessary, it can be turned into a full site by adding the necessary pages, detailed content, modules and links.

Developing a business card site: setting the right priorities

There are three options, each of which is available to a wide audience. You can do the creation of a business card site on your own. There are many designers on the Internet, which you can master if you particularly want to. Again, how well the work will be done, it is difficult to say. The only advantage of this option – its lowest price. But there are many minuses: problems with hosting, weak functionality, lack of personality and many others. This method can give and reverse the desired effect, causing a blow to the image.

The second option is more advanced, but it cannot be called 100 percent. Applying to a freelancer will be the best way for you only if you are confident in his professionalism, and you have limited funds. There is a risk that the task will be performed poorly, or be at risk of failure to meet deadlines, and you will have already paid the deposit in the meantime. One way or another, working with a freelancer also has its advantages – such a worker will charge less than a specialized company.

The third option – is to choose a professional team of experienced professionals who are engaged in the creation of a business card site for more than one year. This option is the most practical, because you pay for quality and professionalism.

A large team is working on the site, which includes layout designers, web designers, copywriters and promotion specialists. Of course, the result of the joint work is sure to be 100%.

Stages of the business card site development

If you decide to order a business card site, you must first understand the steps involved in the development:

  • Writing the terms of reference. When creating the terms of reference, you should rely on market research. This stage is the customer himself, as he needs to give the performer a clear idea of what he wants to see as a result.
  • Design. A web designer draws a mockup of the project based on the requirements specification or a prototype.
  • The integration of the control system in the design. Without a CMS for a business card site you can not manage the site, and the readers – to use it and get acquainted with the information.
  • Filling the content. This step is engaged copywriters. They write unique articles about the specifics of your business so that readers are interested.
  • Maintenance of the web page. To keep articles up to date, they should be updated over time, adding news and other materials.

How much is a business card site?

You should understand that the creation of a business card site is a painstaking, hard work. On average, it takes about 20 hours if you act as a team. But freelancers working alone can do the job for a week or a month, depending on the level. Naturally, good work cannot be cheap.

Budgets are often tight. However, many companies offer opportunities to bypass high prices by providing a discount. You can reduce the cost by reducing the number of modules, abandoning the unique design, a little optimization work. Whether it’s worth it is up to you to decide. Remember that a well-written online business card will help you and pay off in the future.

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