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A modern website is not just a pretty picture with useful information about a product or service. First of all, it is an effective tool in promoting your business. You are constantly putting off creating a website due to lack of time, believing that there are more important things to do? Thus you hold back the development of your business, because the interesting site is able to attract to you more than 1000 potential customers per day. Isn’t the time you spend calling us worth it?

What can we offer you?

Our team consists of experienced programmers and creative SEO specialists who are ready to help you develop a turnkey website. We specialize in solving the following tasks:

  • creation of effective corporate sites
  • development of online stores of varying complexity
  • development of a selling small business card site
  • creation of appealing web-websites

We work with heart, paying a lot of attention to the smallest detail. Individual approach to each order guarantees high quality of web pages and their attractiveness to potential buyers.

The service of creating turnkey sites involves a comprehensive approach to the formation of a web resource. And this means that we take responsibility for all the stages of its development from the signing of the contract with you to the final launch of the project.

Stages of work on the site

Web site development is carried out by staged execution of certain tasks in the creation of navigation, design, content, etc. Each step is discussed in advance with the client and implemented taking into account his wishes. However, it is necessary to understand the complexity of the implementation of any changes after the formation of the page, so all the details you need to think carefully before starting the project at work.

If you want to order a turnkey website, but do not know where to start, you must first call our manager. The next steps are as follows:

  • Assessment of your field of activity. Gathering information about your product/service, competitors, business peculiarities
  • Drawing up of TOR. You communicate with our experts, determine the project category that best suits your business, set priorities. We take note of all the wishes and approve the terms of reference with you
  • Development of a design layout. We have experienced designers who are ready to perform even the most complex task. They will create a website layout for you, allowing you to see the location of all the details of navigation and their design.
  • Make-up. A specialist prepares the resource for implementation
  • Integration with the website engine. At this stage a direct transfer of all pages on the platform of your choice is carried out

For you as a customer, the most important are the first few steps. When there is no experience, at first it is quite difficult to imagine which category of web resource is most suitable. Moreover, it is not clear how it will look as a result! Our specialists in the process of working on the order take into account all the details, including convenience and originality. During its existence, we have successfully completed and launched more than 400 projects. This gives us the right to guarantee high quality of the website, its efficiency and attractiveness.

In addition, we work with the most popular and convenient CMS:

  • WordPress
  • Modx
  • Opencart
  • Shopify

We will develop for you an adaptive website that will quickly open on modern gadgets while maintaining the structure of the navigation bar. Your potential clients will definitely be satisfied!

Timing and cost of the site

Given that we work individually with each order, lead times and prices may also vary. The main factors affecting these figures include the following:

  • scope of work
  • personal requirements of the client
  • task complexity
  • ToR approval

We would like to mention the last point separately. It is important that you always stay in touch, as our specialists may need additional information or your decision. If we approve all the stages with you promptly, it will also reduce the timing of the site.

The final cost of web site development will be announced only after we discuss the main tasks. You can get preliminary prices from our specialists by calling us on our contact number. We will always be glad to help you with promotion and business development!

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