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Website design is a multi-step process that takes a lot of time and effort. Responsibility for this task is taken by programmers and designers who are able to implement even the most complex idea of the client. Our team consists of specialists with years of experience, who are always ready to help you with the design of your web resource.

Creating a web site design consists of the following steps:

  • Discussion of project details. The nuances of the company’s activities are clarified, the customer’s wishes are recorded, and priorities in tasks are set.
  • Develops the design of the home page. From it will depend on the appearance of the remaining pages of the site
  • Creating templates for pages of the Web resource
  • Preparing content
  • Testing the website, eliminating errors

The first stage of design development is extremely important because at this time the concept of a web resource is created, themes are selected, appropriate graphic and text materials are collected. Then there is the structuring of information, the choice of the main sections, the formation of the navigation menu.

The main task of a specialist is to identify the key wishes of the customer, his expectations of cooperation. If you do not immediately determine all the details of the order, there is a high probability that at further stages of design formation difficulties will arise.

It is important to understand that specialists do not create a finished design project with the finest details, but start with a prototype. The designer marks the location of images, text and graphic information.

To make it easier to navigate this topic, let’s break down some concepts. They will help you get to the heart of the matter and determine your priorities.

What do I need to know about site navigation?

The effectiveness of the website depends largely on its convenience. A potential client will not want to spend a lot of time mastering a new resource, so you need to simplify this task as much as possible.

The first thing the visitor sees is the navigation bar, which is located at the top of the page. It contains links in the form of buttons or categories that lead to the main sections of the resource. During the formation of the navigation menu is not only the location of these links, but also their design: colors, shape of buttons, their size. A person who enters the site for the first time, immediately assess its navigation. This will determine whether he will study it further or close it immediately.

What is a modular grid, and why is it needed?

When developing a design project for the site also appears the concept of modular grid. What is it? Modular grid is a tool that divides web pages into certain vertical blocks. It is used to line up information columns, graphics and text information.

The benefits of a modular grid:

  • Design alignment. All the elements are placed harmoniously and evenly on the site
  • Compliance with the intervals between the components of the grid. Text and images look neat and clear

With the help of this tool you can achieve a competent and convenient arrangement of content. All elements will be placed at a certain distance, which in the future allows the user to get acquainted with the information and perceive it correctly. This tool is used to make it easier for the user to understand the information presented.

This does not mean that you have to use a modular grid everywhere you can. An experienced designer knows when it’s needed and when it’s just in the way.

What should be considered when developing a design?

First of all, attention is paid to the corporate style, corporate colors, logo, and other components that define the format and activities of the company. The main task at this stage is to create a harmonious design, which in the future will become a business card.

The color scheme of a website should be approached very carefully, because tastelessly designed services do not enjoy success with users. Excessively bright colors, inconsistency in shades of font and background, too small or too large a font – because of such mistakes a person does not have the desire to visit the site again.

When choosing color combinations, you should more often select two contrasting colors. Thus, you can achieve an interactive modern web design. In addition, it should be remembered about the consistency of the design of the main and internal pages.

A combination of font sizes on the site should be, too. You should not make the fonts too large, as the reader will simply be distracted by them, which causes only irritation. Shallow is also not necessary, because a huge amount of text within one screen is also very difficult to read.

Also consider the interests of the potential customer. If you know what the target audience is interested in your product or service – be sure to rely on this information. Web design in the first place you do for them.

Want to order a modern website design?

Turning to us, experienced professionals in the industry, you get a convenient and intuitive website that will sell. It is developed taking into account the interests of the potential buyer, the peculiarities of your product and your wishes.

We adhere to all the necessary stages of development of a beautiful site, the design of which is simple and understandable to every reader. We fully comply with the terms of reference, based on the wishes of the customer and agreed with him.

Terms and cost of projects are negotiated individually with each client. They vary depending on the complexity and volume of complex elements.

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