Corporate website development

A corporate website is necessary for both small and medium-sized businesses. It gives unlimited opportunities for the development and promotion of the organization. Such a website contains detailed information about the company’s activities, its capabilities, and offers, making a potential client interested. In addition, it allows you to manage business processes and integrate data into the internal corporate network.

High efficiency of the resource is possible only with the professional development of the entire structure. In other words, if you are interested in creating a corporate website, do not skimp on it, and immediately contact the experienced professionals.

Website development for the company: the main advantages

Firstly, we create full functionality and user-friendly interface, so that your client will be interested in receiving certain services and goods. Secondly, we guarantee stability and reliability of the turnkey business website. Efficiency of the resource will depend on uninterrupted work, in which there is no doubt. Thirdly, you will be able to easily update content regularly, which will enable you to expand your target audience and attract new customers to your business.

As a rule, a standard project consists of 25-50 pages with useful information for the client. Creating a company website takes a lot of time, taking into account identifying the strengths and weaknesses of the business, performing analysis of competitors’ activities.

The main stages of development of the corporate website:

  • First of all, specialists get acquainted with the field of activity and the nuances of your business. Then they discuss with the customer and form a unified solution based on ready-made prototypes
  • Once the concept of the company becomes clear, our specialists begin to visualize the project. Creation of design is a labour-intensive activity, but our specialists perform their work as quickly as possible
  • On termination of work of designers and coordination of drafts with the customer the layout designers are connected to the process. Web site layout involves the implementation of the approved page layout. At this stage there is often a development of a mobile version of the resource. This stage is very important today, since the number of people who come to the site from a mobile device is increasing.
  • The development of a navigation menu and active buttons is another stage in the development of the company’s website. It involves integrating full functionality into the page interface. In other words, programmers link together all the processes
  • At the stage of quality control testing is carried out. Thus, experts make sure that all the systems work properly, and control does not fail.

We have told you only about the basic steps, but besides them there are others – to write and place interesting content, to work out the SEO and integration.

How to order a turnkey corporate website?

We will launch the site and create all the conditions for it to appear as high as possible in the search engine, in just 30-60 days. Timing depends on the complexity of the technical task. As for the price, it is calculated individually for each customer, depending on the volume and complexity of the work.

We offer to order the creation of a turnkey corporate website with a full set of useful functionality. Specialists are ready to perform any task: from the simplest projects to complex ones with maximum number of web-pages, internal links and convenient management system.

To order the development of a corporate website, call the contact phone number listed on the website, or use the feedback form. Managers will discuss with you all the details and send a brief, which should be filled in, so the specialists can begin development.

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